I arrived to New York in 2011 from Paris to pursue a carrier in Fashion. I’ve traveled around the world, met incredible people and ate at wonderful tables along the way.

But after 10 years in the Fashion Industry, i decided it was time for a new project.

We left New York to start a family in Nashville. There i deeply missed the taste of a good croissant, and since it was not available, I started to be curious to learn how to make it myself. Went back to Paris for a short training - which was terrible - but from then, is born an absolute passion.

Once i had rolled my first croissant, I realized i had gathered between my fingers, all that matters to me. This simple croissant was the result of quality ingredients, my family tradition, comes across as a simple product, yet, is highly technical. I dove into it and feel a great satisfaction sharing all that with my customers.

A couple years later, we’ve decided to set a new home in New Orleans.

I fully dedicate myself to learn and improve my product each day. I am learning something new with every croissants i make.

To start Maison Chace is a way to be home away from home; and the best way I found to connect with who I am.